kosciololdOur Lady of Ostrabrama, which stands majestically on Depot Lane in Cutchogue, is a testament to a small group of immigrants who came to the Cutchogue area from Poland in the early 1900’s. In 1908, they created a society in honor of St.Josaphat. Its purpose was to organize and support the immigrants in their efforts to receive permission to have Polish chapel which would serve their needs in the only language they understood, Polish. The Reverend Ludwig Myszynski, the Pastor of St.Isidore’s in Riverhead. appealed to the Bishop of Brooklyn for permission to build a chapel in Cutchogue. A parcel of Land was sold to the St.Josaphat Society by
John and Annie Orlowski. A chapel was built on the south side of Main Road and east of Eugene’s Road. It was completed on February 14, 1909, and served as a mission church directed by the Pastor of St.Isidore’s. Parish life began to develop when, besides St.Josaphat Society and the Rosary Society in 1909, and the Holy Name Society in 1946, were formed. In 1911, Reverend Stephan Bartkowski became the first resident Pastor, and the Parish was officially named in honor of Our Lady of Ostrabrama.

In 1912, after considerable discussion, the chapel was moved across farm fields to Depot Lane. However, in 1918, it was destroyed by a fire. The cornerstone for the present church building was dedicated in October, 1919. Bishop McDonnell dedicated the new building (1920) at the ceremony that was attended by nearly three thousands individuals. Our Parish ‘s pride in its Polish-American heritage was very evident when, on July 10,1976, the Town of Southold sponsored the incredible Parade to commemorate the Bicentennial of our Nation. Our Lady of Ostrabrama sponsored twokosciol2007 floats in the parade. In February, 1992, under the direction of Reverend Richard P.Kopinski, then Pastor of Our Lady of Ostrabrama, the restoration of the past and a venture into the future began. On Saturday evening , November 13, 1993, Most Reverend John R.McGann, D.D., Diocesan Bishop of Rockville Centre, celebrate the 5:30 PM. Mass with our Parish priests. Later in the evening , Bishop McGann then joined parishioners, their families and friends at the Riverhead Polish Independent Club. This celebration was organized to acknowledge the 75th anniversary of our present church building and the efforts of many whose contributions have results in its beautiful restoration.

During administration of the parish by Rev. Walter Rudnicki (1997-2007) capital works of renovation inside the church, church roof and basement were done. Our pipe organ was also renovated as well as property around the church building.
When those early immigrants came to Cutchogue , they brought their Polish Catholic faith, culture, and history with them and established it here in America to sustain them as they assimilated themselves to a new country and culture. Now, those immigrants are significant part of America’s history particularly here on the North Fork on Long Island.. Their children married, sometimes crossing nationality lines, and melted into the population of America., while retaining their Polish culture and spirit. Many still live here, others return to Our Lady of Ostrabrama for the important sacramental moments in their lives, and those of their children .
Like the early generation of families who comprised the Parish, the Parish itself has become significant part of the history of Cutchogue and the North Fork of Long Island. It is a symbol of the present religious life of the people of Cutchogue where the Parish has also melted in to comprise people of all nationalities and backgrounds. They come from all parts of the United States and still from Poland to worship their God by celebrating the Mass, and receiving the Sacraments as did so many before them.

As reflect on the history of Our Lady Of Ostrabrama , let us be mindful that our Parish stands tall because of the efforts of those who have come before us as well our own. Let us then be guided to continue to dedicate and to extend our efforts toward those yet to come.




Rev. Stefan Bartkowski
1911 – 1914


Rev. Charles Schimmel
1914 – 1917


Rev. Alexander
1917 – 1919


Rev. Joseph Cizmowski
1919 – 1922


Rev. Ignacy Zbawiony
1922 – 1949


Rev. Frances Makowski
1946 – 1952


1952 – 1967


Rev. Henry Gauer
1967- 1970


Msgr.Rev.John Cwalina
1970 - 1984


Rev. Richard Kopinski
1984 – 1993


Msgr. John Nosser
1993- 1997


Rev. Walter Rudnicki
1997 – 2007


Rev. Marian Bicz
2007 - 2014


Rev. Stanislaw Wadowski
2014 - 2015



Rev. Joseph Staudt
2015 -